Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jan & Nancy stayed at the Marriott

Early this morning (7:00) we drove over to Wailea and parked at Ulua Beach.
We wanted to see the turtles feeding... last year this was a success... not today though... tide was way out.

OK... OK... so this is not really Jan & Nancy at the Marriott.  I 'photoshopped' them into the photo. Having said that, they were here a couple of weeks ago
and did stay at this Marriott Hotel.

 This must be one of the patios where they relaxed, sunned, read dirty novels, and sipped Margaritas.


                      Sandy and I loved these flowers... stunning aren't they?

While our turtle watching was a bust, we did stop outside in the sun for a latte.

                                                 Love these noisy birds.

                                           This is the Ulua Beach.

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