Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A really funny 'fact'


This morning Marilyn decided to use Google to look for images of turtles found on our beach here in Maui: Kamaole Beach ll.

Well... a few days ago I created a post to this blog where I referred to us as "Hawaiian turtles"- due to the chairs that we carry on our backs while wearing our sarongs.

back to today: Marilyn typed into Google: "TURTLES ON KAMAOLE ll" and searched for IMAGES
Guess what appeared? There are Pam, Clarice, & Teri leaving the beach wearing their sarongs with their 'turtle shells on their backs. How funny is this!

If you want a laugh... try typing it onto your Google homepage!

Breakfast soon and then these 4 Hawaiian turtles are off for our last beach morning for 2011.

Yesterday we actually saw an authentic hawaiian turtle in the water... right beside us! Sandy had to lift her legs so it could get by without touching her. How cool is that?

Here is our condo just a few minutes ago... thinking about our return trip is upon us.

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